T H E   G R E E N L A K E   P A D D L E R

Gates closed today.

When strong winds are expected or when high runoff from the river IJssel / Rhine
is due to happen the gates between the lower and upper lakes are shut.
The locks for ships to navigate through remain in service.

Enough space to move about.

There is always something worth noting as long as you let it in.
This place can be quite lonesome but I enjoy just that.

A lot of old iron can be found overhere.

Except for in wintertime, a lot of iron can be found here. I mean iron floating on
the water ... in the shape of old barges. Some over a hundred years of age.

Most of these barges are converted into charter cruisers.

In the old days these ships where freighter. Today their cargo is people having
a holiday, going out just for a few days or on longer extended cruises.

Hello mr Loon, having a nice day?

Even if there seems to be nothing about, there is always company to be found.
Last 10 years the count of loons in the lake is on the rise quite spectacular.

Birdwatchers on the loose.

 A few times in the year
bird spotting tours are organised.
I prefer to watch from my kayak.

Geese, seen from my little boat.

In the time of year when the geese loose their old feathers and grow new, they
are unable to fly. Foraging on grassy land, swimming and bringing up chicks
is what they do then. Large groups take their young out on the lake and in
 case of any danger coming in too close they got a cunning trick ready.
They can disappear underwater and stay there hiding for a remarka-
long time to pop back up somewhere else instead. Later in the
when the adults are back on the wings, they simply fly off
leaving the young diving underwater, and only return when
danger ( me in my kayak ) went away far enough.



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