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HEAVY METAL: Linhof Kardan Color. Certainly the most rock solid and heavy duty
technical camera ever produced in the history of photography. All movements are
in typical Linhof style: S
mooth as butter. Front and rear frame vertical movement
( rise and fall ) as
 well as horizontal movement ( focus ) over the large diameter
monorail is by means of
a solid rack and pinion gear set. All neutral positions
have positive clear detents. Ground glass or film holder can be rotated over
360 degrees. Bellows installed are Cambo brand SCX 5X7 type, in shape
 are tapered and give more freedom of movement than the straight
accordeon style originally mounted version. The bellows are locked into
place by quick release latches and can be taken from the camera in a
fraction of time. The Monorail
comes with a 2X extension section for
macro shooting setup or the use of extra long focal distance lenses.

Linhof managed to construct an exceptionally stiff and solid technical camera
with this one and although it's made of a light metal aluminum cast
comes with some true weight, 11kg approx. Rock solid, this is a
backpackers nightmare but a studio photographers dream.

Lens mounted now is a Schneider - Kreuznach " Technica branded "
( which means selected by Linhof ) Symmar 210 / 370 mm convertible lens.

Page in the making on: What is a Convertible lens?


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