A  F E W  G O O D  R E A D S

Number 1 for sure

An African in Greenland. By Tété Michel Kpomassie.

Clearly this is a must read. The icredible story of a young African man leaving Togo
and struggling f
or eight years to reach Greenland to live his dreamed life. This
book contains amazing stuff. Go and get it, it's inspiring, adventures, fun.

Number 2

By Eskimo Dog - Sled and Kayak.  
By S.K. Hutton.

The story of a missionary living in Labrador at the end of the 19th century.
Giving a
fascinating view into the lives, ways and means of a people
who shortly after the completion of this wonderful document
were wiped away abruptly by the horrible Spanish flu.

You probably have to do some searching for this book but it is
very much worth the trouble of doing so.

I found out the story can be read online or downloaded in various
 formats, but holding the real book is much better option.


Number 3

The Happy Isles of Oceania. By Paul Theroux.

Paul going paddling his own way on non recommended routes and unsupported.
An excellent read that makes you feel to leave it all behind and go!

Number 4

Ralph Edwards of Lonesome Lake. By Ed Gould.

A man who dedicated his life to preserve the Trumpeter Swans of Lonesome lake.
Ralph and his family lived a hard life doing so and they did not give up.
The heartwarming story of a man connecting with nature.

Number 5

Living with the Eskimos. By Peter Freuchen.

An important document giving a sharp insight in living an Eskimo life.
A hard to imagine extraordinary way of survival on our own planet.
A real eye opener, highly interesting and entertaining as well.

Again, an actual copy of this book needs some searching for
but I have seen online versions as well.

Number 6

On the water. By Nathaniel Stone.

Join Nathaniel Stone on his long cut through America by rowboat.
It's an uplifting travel report,
meet new people and see in a different perspective.

Number 7

Cry me a river. By Steve Posselt.

Steve Posselt disclosing the water mismanagent in a country that's dying of thirst.
Steve succeeded to make it a great read larded with Aussy slang.

Number 8

Polar passage. By Jeff MacInnis.

A cold and remarkable transit through Canada's NorthWest Passage by two men
on a Hobie Cat. Jeff manages to make you feel traveling along and see the
land and seascapes vividly. It is a read that just picks up and goes.

This list of books is going to grow longer.


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