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Unlike in the photograph, where a force 9+ squall, spitting out a lot of hail blows past,
there was no wind at all
today. The image was shot from the third cape on the map
seen below. While sitting in my nicely heated car ! This was November 2011
approx wave height over 2 meters, knocked back by hailstorm and rain

No go area. Lake IJsselmeer grows pretty chaotic when wind turns into storm
The color of the water becomes gray opaque, caused by whirled
up sediment. Depth on average is about 4 meters only


o'clock in the morning, a nice day to go for a spin on the lake, the water was like an
oily mirror. I decided to go for a one way paddle to Schardam, a small village on
the other side of  '' the bay ". The way back was by car, I was not fit enough for
a return paddle as well. No speeding today,  just a lazy relaxed trip in the
rythm of Eric Satie's Gymnopédie No 1.  So, pretty slow was the going.
Yet again I was amazed by the fact, how light this kayak glides along

Heading for Schardam, 20 km on a dead calm lake

While I was gliding along I realised it´s a pity that Tahe omitted on installing
Greenland style decklines as Seabird did ( photo ) and went for bungees

instead. Lines are handy for entering the boat or having lunch afloat.

As a workaround I rearranged the bungees on the Tahe. Doubled, and knotted
like this they have a firm grasp on the blade and prevent the paddle from
swinging front to back and up and down. This is an improvement
on the original setup but still lines and sliders are better.
Maybe two extra deck fittings would do great as well.


The few sailors I passed all greeted me friendly, they where on their way to the waterlocks
( top righthand side of the picture ) to enter the north part of the lake for a day's sailing.
I was stealthy gliding by in the opposite direction, keeping notice if they where taking
me for a buoy or not. Several times I have noticed that sailors can mistake me for
being a buoy, as this route towards the locks is partially marked out. This miss
sighting can happen if I am the first spottable vertical mark they are
for, combined with a sunny glare and back-lighted the mistake is easily
made it seems. A sudden change in course is mostly enough to wake
'm up to ''tell'' them I am an UPO, an Unindentified Paddling Object.

Tahe Greenland overtaking a Galway Hooker, leaving the skipper in amazement


The zigzag course in the middle of the bay had noting to do with the above but was
a result of curiosity. Because of the temperature  ( 22 degrees )  and the relative
clearness of the water, waterplant growth has exploded in this area.  Reaching
lenghts of ten meters or more, as there where no waves today it was an excel
lent occasion to take a closer look at this phenomena. Some areas where
pretty densely packed with these green cables, not funny for a sailor in a
boat with a '' fishing '' keel. Tricky for rolling as well. Good for small fish
to laze around in and not being eaten by birds, who are always alert.

About eating fish

TG and two BP's.  The BP likes to nose underwater more often than the TG


The BP eased along with great finesse, soundless, unobtrusive, almost part of
the lake itself. I was totally happy with this kayak and the Greenland paddle
because it is so silent
as was the world around. Lucky me. On entering
the harbour of Schardam a couple having breakfast on their yacht
made a compliment on my smoothly running past. Thanks!


Two super rollers. For me the BP wins on speed, free water contact and agility,
The TG is a winner in the rolling department and probably the

better kayak in rough conditions  HAVE FUN !


But hey, what's he carrying?

All of a sudden, this Idea popped up

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