T H E  O L D  G R E E N  B E E M E R


Your machine is riding fine but something is not in tune, you can sens it, you can hear
but you still can't find the problem. I had something like this going on lately, there was
this annoying sort of rattling sound somewhere under the bonnet of my car. I didn't
had a clue what was causing it. Sound goes everywhere, and as my ears are not
that young any more, I had a problem pinning down where it was coming from.
Then all of a sudden I had a lucky day and found this device on a boot sale.
The Defect Sucher it came as a godsend and with the help of this old tool
I was able to find the source of the problem. A few pricks in the engine
yes! Culprit was found. A sloppy adjusted timing belt tensioner.


Be careful this thing is protected by the Germans!

An archaic mechanical hearing aid. "The Defect Sucher " breaks down ( unscrews )
in three pieces. To use it, no batteries are needed, just place the resonator or horn
against your ear, shut up be quiet and push the sticky end onto the engine part
you like to investigate. Yes, a big screwdriver can also be used for a task
like this but this contraption is much more comfortable in use. I must
say, the German inventor who came up with this tool did a good job.
Al sorts of internal engine noises can be heard clearly, bearings,
tappets, rockers, piston rings. A great adding to the toolbox.

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