T H E  O L D  G R E E N  B E E M E R


I think the BMW technicians responsible for designing the /6 kickstartrer mechanism
had a very bad day, where not interested or just
preoccupied with other things in
life because they managed to saddle us bikers up with some real junk.
I strongly recommend never to touch the thing,
as it's a true killer design. Why?

The quadrant and the small gear on the lever drives the gear ( photo below )
on the input axle, that in turn, drives ( cranks over ) the engine. It's a bad
flimsy fabrication that destroys itself and the rest of the gearbox in
the process.
Better remove the kickstarter mechanism out of
the gearbox and melt it down into something useful. Why?

Look what happens in few kicks, this is such a crap manufacture, it operates in
selfdistruct modus ( eats away bits of input axis teeth ) and contaminates
the gearoil with metal particles in the process, turning it into a metal
grinding fluid, ruining the bearings for sure.

Apart from worn down, the gear teeth are also deformed and will finally shear off.
An example of " Deutsche Grundlichkeit ", by using only half the the width of
the gear to make it wear down super fast. Bad hardening also helps a lot!
Typically you will find thin wirelike strands of metal in the gear oil as
a result.
Keep a keen eye on the drain plug magnet and clean
it often, and if possible ... Never ever touch the kickstarter.

Better keep your battery in a healthy state and use the starter motor !

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