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Lubricating the cluch lever at the gearbox is something to be forgotten easily.
If you, or the previous owner of your bike managed to do this, chances are
a little time bomb is ticking away without you noticing.
The clutch lever
hinging pin
has the habbit to rotate each time you pull the clutch
and over time wears out the bosses in an oval shape.This
is alarming, on a certain moment one of the bosses
will shear and leave you standing beside the
road, somewhere. Not good.

To fix the boss bores that where worn out into an oval shape, I carefully filed 'm out
back to round and cemented in a couple of yellow copper inserts. Green
Locktite or '' studlock '' makes a strong glue.

Clutch lever and hinging pin. The pin is modified, a strip of flat steel is welded
onto the head to prevent the pin from rotating and doing bad things.

The metal strip is a snugfit into the recess outside the boss.

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