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All fine so far, ... nothing went wrong in the building process? Of course it did, for example the amount
of volume in the rear.  As you have seen, entering Little Bastard can be tricky at times, and the lack
of generous dimensions in the rear end can make the kayak behave a little awkward.
When driven
forward with forceful strokes ... she likes to squat, as every other kayak. As this boat is very short
you can feel the
back end bobbing up and down like a rocking ( sea ) horse, quite funny. When
paddled in the normal touring modus it's not really noticeable. Maybe a small foil can be of
help in counteracting this phenomena ... I think it is an interesting idea to try and find out.
Performing a roll in this little thing is no problem, 
did some Pawlata, some Butterflies
and came up, with ease. A layback on the rear deck is painless, thanks to the back
strap, but fine tuning placement and angle is really critical, as always millimeters
do matter, just like in the Tahe Marine Greenland and the Seabird Black Pearl.

Turnaround, the next best thing to a lines plan.

Little Bastard seen from the " good " angle, basking in the late afternoon sunshine. I like how the
rivets and the zip ties come out, lifting the skin. I have to be careful to keep growth
of mildew out, hopefully a bottle of vinegar will be of help in this.

Update November 2020

Till now I have recoated the kayak with a thin layer of Owatrol oil each year for waterproofing.
When not in use I keep Little Bastard as a decoration hanging from the ceiling in my living
room and she is
still in excellent condition, no growth of mildew or other fungus. The thick
linseed and white latex coated interior is also in good nick. I've expected the latex to
come off the linseed layer but as a big surprise it did not and it looks really great.

What would have happened if I've left this kayak outside in the elements?

I dare not to think about it.

Yeah, backward that's easy enough. The back strap acts as a pivot point in my lower back
or upper pelvis area to be more precise,
to lift my rear end away from the kayaks
bottom and enabling me to fully stretch out on the rear deck. And now forward
 ... didn't I tell you I'm slightly inflexible ...

I've never been able to touch my toes straight legged, not even as a kid.

Stubby thing, seen from the '' ugly '' angle. The deep veed bow causes the short boat to ride
relatively dry and comfortable, but the short length of the hull makes the pilot very much
aware of each and every ripple and wave in the water. The ride livens up considerably.

Weight of the whole contraption: 17 kg, a tad under Black Pearl. I've used nothing special
'' what I had at hand wood " for this prototype, to cut the costs. Talking about that: Nylon
about 70 Euro. Wood approximately 30 or so. Stainless steel scews another 10.
Resin something like 12, of which of more than half still is in the jar, waiting ...

Some other small stuff like rope, twine, wax etc maybe 10. And not to forget
and most important :   Fishing net hoop tube and a bag of Tyraps, Zip or
Cable ties as they are called, adding another 35 euro's. That's about it.

If I had used Red Cedar instead of Larch and Fir, I could have ended under 10 kg perhaps.
What came as a surprise to me, is how difficult it is to get all the water out after a flush, in
the pouring out manner I mean. Pumping out is no problem but inverting the boat and
expecting all the water to go elswhere just like that, is not going to happen. With that
I mean the last half a bucket or so, the stringers and deck beams do a remarkable
good job in keeping some water in, just on the moment when I like the boat to be
empty. For example when I want to lift it from the water and back out to the car.
I guess it's time to make a Sea-Sock for this boat, that would make paddling
safer and solve the water trap issue at the same time. Work to be done ......

Normally I stow my reserve paddle like this, but as you can see Little Bastard turns it
into a wave piercing bowsprit. There must be another way to carry the spare.

Stowing the reserve paddle like that looks a bit awkward but is no hamper for my movements at all.
In this picture, the lens of the camera makes the kayak look a lot longer than it actually is.
I did
some low wind paddling and the boat cruises along at a modest  6.5 - 7 km/h. That's not fast,
but expected for such a short hull.  On the other hand she maintains this '' speed " with very
little input, I'm quite pleased with the result so far. I did notice some directional haziness
when paddling with the wind ( pushed by ).  As you have read on the previous page,
that was solved by adding a small skeg. About stiff wind , I'll report back later on.


Yes, it does surf after all, as I have discovered today. A strong wind was blowing so I went for a
spin to see what the new skeg setup would do, and to my amazement ... I managed to jump
into warp drive so to speak. Little Bastard does surf, I didn't expect that to happen on her
highly veed keel. On earlier runs I've noticed acceleration on low waves is quite good
but she never started to glide as Black Pearl does. Now the waves where a bit
something like 2 feet, and guess what, Little Bastard took off, how nice. The new
position of the skeg, at the far end of the keel felt good too, the boat is tracking
pretty neutral now. What I really do like is the fact how smooth and quiet this
sof kayak cuts through the waves, no slamming , no thumping , no water
flushing noises. Wow, for me a real eye (ear) opener . A total different
experience from paddling a fibreglass hard chine Greenland kayak.

Short and lively, and thanks to her deep draft, a safe and fun ride.
Give it a shot. Happy paddling!

I could have rounded the forefoot a bit to make it less prone to scuffing damage
and ... maybe ... just maybe a little more volume in the rear.


To pass the long dark winter ... build yourself a scale model


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And If you like, you can have a look at Little Bastard's dynamics on YouTube

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