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Believe it or not, almost two years after the first paddling trails of Little Bastard
the skin is actually on. December 31 - 2016, two hours before midnight.

Thread, needle and two drilled laths to stretch the skin.

Kayak frame covered in a sort of slippery coating

The boiled linseed oil treatment remained too tacky ( not the best move ).
Probably applied to think of a layer at once, should have done several
thin passes and wait for 'm to cure first.
To make sure the skin would
 glide into position I covered the lot in latex white wash. That felt a
lot better to the touch already and over time it will come off I
For now it gives the boat a kind of old, beaten and
weathered appearance. As a matter of fact it looks ok.

What I did was the following :  First I folded the nylon and sewed two lengths of wood at
the ends, creating a sort of envelope, wetted the whole lot and stretched
 it between
the rafters on my attic. Then threw the kayak in ... next screwed on two pieces of
wood close to the bow and the strern, forming a clamp and sewed the gap
in between. After this I could take the tension off and cut the nylon
to start sewing the deck, for which I used a similar approach.

The same for the deck, but this time no screws connecting the wooden clamping laths
but instead as many spring clamps a I could find. Now by loosening each clamp
slightly I was able to pull the nylon tight and made a running stitch from stern
to coaming and from bow to coaming. All this went pretty smooth for a first
timer uncertain amateur, but I guess the free hand method is a lot faster.

Ballistic Nylon skin
illuminated from within.

The running stitch completed.

... Hmm, this thing is shaping up now ... the horns look great already!

Still busy with needle and thread ... I must say I'm happy this is a small kayak.

Rivets and Ti-raps lifting the skin, giving the boat the organic look I referred to earlier.

And next, preparing the coaming ring. But first I am going to chew my boots!
Mjum, mjum, beginning to feel like a real Inuit now.

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